Ambulatory Aids

Assistive devices for mobility/ambulation can be referred to as ambulatory aids.

Ambulatory aids (canes, crutches, walkers) are used to provide an extension of the upper extremities to help transmit body weight and provide support for the patient.

The type of ambulatory aid needed depends on how much balance and weight-bearing assistance is needed.

Generally, the more disabled the individual is, the greater the complexity required in the walking device. A walker supplies the most support, and a standard cane provides the least. 



Many ailments are associated with aging, such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Both conditions tend to disable normal balance and movement of the body when walking. While medicines can help in reducing the associated pain, elderly patients may still require walkers to move around safely. A walker is a device, usually made of lightweight metal and adjustable for height, used to assist people with balance and mobility while walking. There are many types of walkers, and your choice can depend on the stage and type of ailment as well as the patient's walking capabilities and upper-body strength. 


When your patients are operating at less than their best, top-quality ambulatory care can make everything easier. You can find a number of medical aids, including rollators, wheelchair and walker accessories, and more to help your patients recover and heal faster. At Collins Medical Equipment, we can help your physician’s office find everything patients or family members need to aid in recovery or mobility. 


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The Escape is available in 3 seat heights to fit almost any user and has a compact folding system that is easy to fold with a simple lift of the release handle. This design makes it easier to lift into the trunk of a car but, as an added benefit, it also stands when folded for easy storage when not in use.

Escape features a large padded seat for added comfort, pressure reducing anatomical handgrips to maintain your hand strength and the easiest to apply hand brakes.


The Duet Transport Chair/Rollator by Drive Medical combines the features of a rollator and transport chair in one unit. An individual has the ability to ambulate independently or be pushed safety by a care giver.

This transport chair/rollator comes with a comfortable padded seat with a large pouch underneath to easily and securely transport personal items. Inside the pouch is a convenient handle to aid with folding the chair/rollator. It has locking, flip up armrests, and a flip down footrest to aid the user while the Duet is used in the transport chair mode.


The Trillium Series is the most comfortable walker on the market today.

With the new quilted padded seat cushion and wide back strap pad, users can sit in comfort and walk in style. The Trillium comes with an all-new cable-free braking system, allowing for effortless handle height adjustment and easy maintenance.


The Evolution Series, available in four sizes, features the strongest and one of the most stable walkers on the market today. Every Evolution model uses 1-1/8” cold rolled steel tubing, the same material used in mountain bike fabrication. Strong 1” tubing is used on the handles, every fastener is stainless steel or plated against corrosion, and the frame is powder-coated with UV protection against fading. All plastic components are molded utilizing the toughest plastics capable of withstanding temperatures up to -40°C.

The Evolution model offers unmatched stability for users suffering from neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s, in addition to arthritic and stroke conditions and users with wide gates. The Evolution series also include the largest baskets available anywhere.